Not long ago a wealthy man passed away in a neighboring town. The beautiful relics that he cherished dearly from his world travels were of no interest to his family.  They  became garbage the moment he died and now occupy space in the city landfill.

I have things I am no longer able to tend to, most of which has a story, a memory or a project.  It is surprising how much emotion I’ve infused into things. Getting rid of so many things causes a disruption in my emotional comfort zone until I imagine myself in heaven watching someone else do it.

Anne Carlson

Could Anger be a Way of Coping?

I have learned there is a hierarchy of emotions.

I have been confronted with large disappointments this week.

Hit with another boulder this afternoon and I couldn’t wait to give  “a piece of my mind.”

Staring into the water fountain at the hospital entrance, “Why?” I pondered. “Why don’t I want to let go of this anger?”  I felt that I needed to be angry.


Being angry felt like a relief.  How peculiar. It was like falling into a well and grabbing onto anything to keep from hitting the bottom. Maybe I was grabbing onto anger to keep from going to a worse place.

That made sense when I looked up  this scale of emotions (Ref:  Anger was healthier than the emotions I was fighting. Those five emotions were rock bottom on the list: Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness.  How odd that  anger could be considered beneficial.

Anne Carlson