Convenient Crises, Grateful


The AAA tow truck delivering my disabled little red car into my driveway.  Her weary radiator exhaled a white cloud and gave up the ghost.  It could have been in the middle of nowhere.  It could have been while booking down the highway, but no, it was a cool evening in the parking lot of the city park.  I am grateful.



Never Too Late to Make it Right

My friend Rita came into work at the care center and set a case of diet soda on the dresser of a new patient from her hometown.  ” Here I owe you this.”

The worn but familiar face was puzzled.

“Remember I used to come over all the time to your house and visit  your daughter?”

“Of course I do.”  said the old woman.

“It wasn’t your husband that stole the Tab  from under your bed. ”


Anne Carlson


Making Emotional Connections

Sometimes it seems my emotions are stuck back in the days of  being a 14 year old.  That’s the age I lost my mother.

A friend told me to write a letter to my teenage self, and tell my young self that its okay to grow up and that I will protect the younger self.

That reminded me of John Bradshaw’s inner child work.

Anne Carlson

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