All day as that fuzzy-white-haired woman

17.5.31st 450

My friend, Kathy and I went to the park and did some drumming.

I spent the day as a fuzzy white haired woman.

It wasn’t painful, It wasn’t awkward.  It felt like a new skin.

I thought I lost my identity when my hair fell out.  I did.  The old one.

There is a new identity with the new hair, and I’m getting used to it.

I think I’m going to like this fuzzy white haired woman.

Anne Carlson




Sometimes its Just Talk

17.5.30th west-826947_450Sometimes its nice to talk about what you are going to do.  People say, “Oooh that’s nice you are going to do that!”  Its like you get credit for what you are going to do before you do it.

Then you go to do it and get intimidated by all the people that already did it, and find that it was more fun just to talk about it.

Anne Carlson


He did not die alone. Remembering on Memorial Day

17.5.28th Soldier 1 450

He did not die alone, his buddies, his friends and fellow soldiers died with him.  Thousands of them.  What I know of Uncle Julian, was the picture on the staircase.  It was the family monument and I memorized the names and the faces of my people; where i came from.

It was strange back then that cousin Wade didn’t have a dad to go home to.   Aunt Grace was a teacher, eventually bought a pretty house and raised their son, who was too little to remember his dad.

My mother would pause at his picture.  He played the trumpet, I was told, he was funny, loving, considerate of the little ones and had a way of lighting up the room. But for me, he was the picture on the wall, and a sacred memory of those I loved.

Anne Carlson

Look at that Lady with the Fuzzy White Head

17.5.28th Olesya41. cat-1383945_450

I took my naked white head out in public for the first time today. A light sweep of fuzz now lies flat against my bald scalp, just like a peach. Could I really do it?  I’m not comfortable with how I look, but I wanted to try it out.   I walked across the street to Dominoes and ordered a pizza.

People stared.  There were 3 people that came in to order, as I sat at the nearby table. I didn’t mean to make them awkward by “catching” them staring.  I was  just as curious about them looking at me as they were curious about my bare fuzzy white head .

I was okay and a little proud that I could do it.  As I crossed the street carrying a bag with hot pizza I wondered if they were thinking, “That woman has courage.”

Anne Carlson

Flowers were a waste of money, he always said

17.5.27th hand-814692_450

My late husband, Christopher had a close friend named Bill that had passed away.  Bill was so cheap, he wouldn’t pay more than 35 cents for a shirt, even grew his hair  out to save money on haircuts.  The locals felt sorry for Bill as he limped around town, thinking he was homeless.  What they didn’t know, was that Bill was really rather wealthy.

Christopher went to the florist shop to get some flowers to put on his grave but realized that Bill didn’t really like flowers. “Flowers are just a waste of money,” he would say.   So Christopher left the shop and headed to the cemetery.  took the money he was going to spend on flowers  and put it on his grave.

Anne Carlson


Does life have a theme?

17.5.27th bySergey Klimkin kids-1093758_450

“If you want to know if there something in particular you came here to learn, look at the patterns in your life.” my Sunday school teacher, Bunny Whitney, once taught.

Bunny challenged us to take note of  the repeating problems that come up with different faces in different forms.

“If you want those problems to stop.” she said, “than figure it out what it is, and learn what you are supposed to learn.”

Anne Carlson



Who is the Village?

17.5.24th boy-2208512_450

“It takes a village to raise a child.”

I never read the book, but loved the concept.  It took a village to raise me. There was a village to help me raise my children.  What would I have done without so many people who were there for my children when I wasn’t?

I found myself recently irritated by a young person’s behavior.  They just  lack common sense, I thought, until I realized;

I am now the village.

Anne Carlson


Rights of forgiveness

17.5.22nd guinea-fowl-2304994_640Contemplating forgiveness as something you do for your own piece of mind.

It feels right to be angry at someone that did bad things

It feels right to want a bad person to get what’s coming to them.

It feels right to feel satisfied when a bad person gets whats coming to them.

If everybody forgave all the time, wouldn’t the criminals just take over?

I know you are suppose to do it, and I’m not sayin’ that I won’t,


Forgiveness feels like giving up a right.

Anne Carlson

Looking Like a Department Store Mannequin

17.5.23rd theatre-955213_450

Still trying to get used to my hair situation.  I now have 1/4 to 1/2 inch of white-grey hair.  It’s funny looking, but maybe it won’t fall out, no one really knows. I no longer see myself as an alien,  but more like a living version of a department store mannequin.  As far as self-image goes, this is progress.

I dyed my hair to look younger.  So maybe I don’t want to look younger any more.  Its okay to be a senior.

Maybe its time to act it.

Maybe its not.

One thing at a time.

Anne Carlson

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