Stumbled out the door

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After selling his first script, a young writer headed to New York from Ohio to meet the crew.  Dressed up in a suit and tie, carrying a briefcase, the meeting went well, he said everything just right, shook their hand and said good-bye..  He was so nervous, he missed the door, hit the wall and dropped his briefcase that popped his socks and underwear all across the floor. Mortified, he furiously gathered it all up, stumbled out the door wondering “How could I ever face these people again?”

The producer caught him in the hall, put his arm around him, and said, “Look, little friend,” pointing to his forehead, “all they care about is what is up here.”

The young writer was the famous, Rod Sterling, and the script was Twilight Zone.

Anne Carlson


A New Toothbrush

Got myself a pretty new orange toothbrush.

Being the resourceful me, I decided the old one would be a good scrub brush for the grimey hard-to-get creases of the bathroom.

Yes, this is going exactly where you think its going.

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Of all times for someone in my house to actually put something back “where it belongs.”

It wasn’t the orange toothbrush I used this morning.

Anne Carlson

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