Getting to the Point

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Chemo-brain:  Now what was I saying?

On the upside,  I’ve learned to tell shorter stories, so when I get to the point of the point, I can remember what it was. ~ Anne Carlson


Smelling like Cat Pee

17.11.6th pexels-photo-209037 450

Dressed up and feeling good with the top down in my little miata.  On my way  to the university to finalize the workshop on my new book, The Next Step.

Wait a minute.  …

What’s that smell?  Oh no!  Really?

The cat peed on the car seat.

Choice:  Be on time for the interview and hope my interviewer has a cold or be late and smell fresh.    Being the risk taker that I am, I decided to be on time.

Workshops now scheduled for 4th Thursday of January through April.

Guaranteed to smell fresh.

~ Anne Carlson ~

Traumatized by the almost

17.11.6.semi-trailers-534577_1920 d

It was almost a crises. So why do I feel so traumatized when nothing happened?

One time an 18-wheeler was heading right for me. My life flashed before my eyes, I thought it was the end for sure.  Missed me by a half inch. Nothing happened.  I trembled for hours afterwards and could hardly work the rest of the day.

It’s like that.

~ Anne Carlson ~


A Normal Day


Today was a normal day.   It could have been  brain surgery,  radiation, or a harsher chemo.   I could have lost my mind.  Literally.

But it wasn’t, and it didn’t and I’m not.

For the first time in over a year I played in the dirt and planted some spring flowers.

Today was a normal day.

~Anne Carlson~




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