New Year


17.112.31st fireworks


~ Anne Carlson ~



17 12.12th hanukkah-2197684_450

To my friends that begin the celebration of Hanukkah, I join with you in giving thanks to God and I honor the tradition of gratefulness during your time of ceremony.  I wish for you a holiday season embraced by the fullness of love.

I admire the example you set for me.  Throughout the centuries you have not been compromised by fads, wars, and economical irregularities. I respect you for preserving the sacred, and the sacredness of  religious symbols by protecting them from sweatshirts frosted with glitter.

I wonder what it is like for you and how curious it must seem.  God the creator of life, the origin of all wisdom, is reported to give humanity a prince; the only son He has, and a magical man celebrates it by singing Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer?  Thank you for the respect you have given me.

~ Anne Carlson ~


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