The Nest


My special needs son has flown the coup and doesn’t spend much time at home anymore.  He stayed long enough to launch him off to camp.  Dirty clothes and towels on the bathroom floor soaked with spilled bathwater, banana peels sloshed against the garbage can, dishes in the living room;

Feeling like a mom again.

– Anne Carlson –

Shadows of the Eclipsed

where the light is brighter

close up of sunglasses
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We saw the higher plane, where the light is brighter, the healing is deeper and the joy expansive. Our heart said, “Yes,” and we bathed in the spaces of it, for our soul had found its home. We invited them and all that we love to dance and celebrate the joy of the high places with us.

Some said, “No. Your higher vibrations reveal what I am hiding, and expose our valuables to be worthless. We will reclaim our values by destroying yours. We will redeem ourselves by preying upon your vulnerabilities.

And besides, your light hurts our eyes.”

So we continued on our way,  with the shadows behind us, into the light.

–  by Anne Carlson –



I’ll take my problems, please

I’m okay with mine.


My friend took her neighbor to a seminar full of seniors all facing dementia.  The exercises were less than dignified. The prognosis glum.  They haven’t really found much to  slow it down.

My heart is full of compassion.  I’m not here to question why who gets what.  Life gives us all challenges.

I’m okay with mine.

– Anne Carlson –