A Natural Cycle?

A friend is dying. The question is…

last petal
photo by Anne Carlson

A close friend of mine is dying.  Every day about 353,000 people are born.  Its a cycle.  Its natural. Its what we signed up for.  Its the way its supposed to be.

Then why is it so sad?

–  Anne Carlson  –

Author: Anne Carlson

I'm a bit selfish, as I want the most out of life, so why waste it being miserable? Come walk with me and let's figure this out. Diagnosed with cancer now stage 4; end stage, and loving life.

One thought on “A Natural Cycle?”

  1. It is sad, truly. That’s not the end of the story, of course, but it seems best not to try to skate quickly over grief and loss. Better to bow the head, taste the salt and embrace the pain in its full measure. Joy will come in the Morning, but the night can seem very long….

    I am so very sorry about your friend.


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