Perspective is Relative

Big and little


Looking at the stars, thinking of the worlds out there, the universes, feeling very small,

But to me, my world is big.

Then there’s this little bug, his world is little.

But to him, his world is big.

But then there’s this universe…

–  Anne Carlson  –


I Believe

I believe in fairies; the ones that steel socks.


Photo by Anne Carlson

hoto by Anne Carlson

Confronted by my stockpile of orphaned socks, I have arrived at a conclusion.

I believe in fairies;  the ones that steel socks.  Jake, my native elder friend,  told me the Paiutes have a name for them.  If I remember correctly, they are called Moquitz*.

What are they doing with “my” socks? If they are making clothes out of them, surely I have clothed a village.

Why only one sock? Come to think of it, would I really notice if both were missing?  Such mysteries to contemplate while sorting socks.

–  Anne Carlson  –

(Moquitz-   Paiute friends please spot me on this.)

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