No Turning Back

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Remember that first breakaway moment when there are only 2 wheels between you and the whole world?

I do.


Dichotomy of the Heart

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I broke a promise made 22 months ago when told my disease has no cure. The love of my friends and family cushions me. Their devoted support sustains me, aware, that the tragedy of this diagnosis affects them as well.

Good news, the scan showed improvement from last  year.  Yippee!  It was the first time I let my guard down and allowed a little emotional respite. Skipping out of the center to celebrate in the parking lot on the phone with a few close people, including my children.  On the drive home I even entertained thoughts of new furniture for the living room.

But a storm cloud was already closing in.  Although things are better than a year ago, another test indicates cancer cells are on the increase. Wanting to shield my loved ones from the cruelty of the circumstance, I took the hit and carried the burden alone.  I told no one.

Dichotomy of the heart. –  Anne Carlson  –





Through Her Eyes

do you miss not being able to see it?


“Moving into your dream house, do you miss not being able to see it?”  I asked a friend who has lost most of his sight.

“It’s okay,” he said. “My wife describes it for me so I see it through her eyes.  If I saw it through my own eyes I don’t think it would be half as beautiful.”

–  Anne Carlson  –

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