Drone Accident

Denver's Drone Accident
Photo by Denver Carlson

Sometimes all a mom has to do is read between the blinds.



What’s Right with the World

A quiet hero making a difference.


“Give me your worst readers,” and my friend, becomes a literary Sherlock Homes. The struggling 4th graders can’t wait for their 10 minutes out in the hallway in the little pink chairs. Equipped with her bag of tricks, years of wisdom, and books she individually wrote for each one’s needs, the words come to life as she clears their path to a stronger future.

She won’t even let me publish her name. 

A quiet hero making a difference.

Holiday Survivor, the Mourning After

the thanksgiving dinner that never happened

turkey-1299176_1280“Everything’s taken care of.”  I told my daughter.  The turkey was in the roaster and the frig bulged with fixings. Since my boys were home, they could help me finish the home stretch. 

This time, however, thanksgiving dinner never happened.  How foolish of me to depend on them. Couch comforts and the spell of the electronic device proved too intoxicating, so the vision of a traditional holiday remains a fantasy.  When will I learn that any need of mine is no match for autism indifference?

Saturated in the doom of matriarchal failure I apologized to my daughter and guest. “I don’t like turkey anyway,” consoled Brittany.  “How about next year we just do pies?”

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