“I’ve had these for 25 years,” my friend on hospice told me, as she placed a pair of red earrings into my hand.

I wanted to say, “Oh, no I couldn’t.”  but  I accepted them graciously.   I will wear them often and think of her when I do

She knew that.


Is Cool Still Cool?

casual ponderings

Remember when you’d hear somebody called a “square” and it sounded so old and out of touch?  Maybe I sound that way. For example, how often do I say, “That is sooo cool.”

It’s kind of like BO, you don’t know if its you, unless someone says something.So far no one has said anything.

Still, I wonder.


That Frozen Stare

Growing wheat grass has been good for the chemo blues and … “Hey Sam, what are you doing?” All four paws were deep in my grass that was soon to be ground into a healthy green drink.

I knew there was trouble when I saw that expression common throughout all living species on that little furry face. That frozen stare of vacant consciousness told me all I needed to know. Sam was shamelessly peeing on my wheat grass plants. As I watched the crumbling of 2 weeks worth of cultivated efforts, I was able to find one very bright side to this tale.

At least now I know.

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