Dishing out a Deal

the perfect scene, but huh?


“No more camping!” I said to my husband, Christopher, “too much work.”

“If I did the dishes would you do pots and pans?” he asked.

Visualizing the two of us working together, our children roasting marshmallows, the campfire light flickering over their sweet little faces, “Sure.”  We planned our next  trip.

As we  were checking out our campsite and stretching our legs, “I’ll be right back,” he disappeared down the gravel road.  Christopher returned with a bag from the camp store, filled with paper plates and plastic silverware.

Why did I feel duped?




Going Right

Recently, I grabbed into the tool drawer for a phillip’s screwdriver and by golly I had in my hand, a phillip’s screwdriver.   Now that broke all kinds of Murphy’s Law screwdriver records.  For the last 15 years or so, if I needed a flat-head the only kind around would be phillip’s.  If I needed a phillip’s, the only kind I could find would be a flat-head. That’s just the way it is and life has been much more pleasant when I accepted that is how it’s going to go.

I really began to worry if the world was all right when I reached for a pair of work gloves and there actually was a right one and a left one at the top of the pile.  Not two rights or two lefts, a pair and even the same brand!

I must have stepped through a time loop into a parallel universe.  This just never happens. I hope everything is all right back at the home planet.




Bond for Eternity

the sacred bond

doors-1974014_1920 mystery doors

“Where will I go when I die?  Will it hurt?  How will I cope with leaving all I have loved?” Questions the terminally ill whisper softly into the dark of night and tuck close to the heart.

Having a terminal illness in common is delicately beautiful and the most sacred bond between friends I have ever known.

Anne Carlson


Help Appreciated

woman-1172721_1920In the middle of the road my clutch went out today.  Immediately, a man on his bicycle stopped to push me off the road.  Only a few steps later, another guy pulled up and joined him, then another and then another.  It was about 5 minutes,  50 yards later and I was safe in a parking lot.

How could I call it a bad day?


who was flirting with me

cell-phone-1245663_1920.. Babe

Standing in line for a bite to eat I heard a friendly voice behind me call out, “Hey babe!”  I spun around with an expectant look on my face to see who was flirting with me, only to realize it was a younger man talking on the phone to his wife

How embarrassing.

Maybe I should just be grateful that I am still so optimistic.


a violent bang rumbling through the floor of the plane

sky-3147857_1920 I think we just hit an angel

“The flight could get a little rough,”I heard through my headphones, preparing for take-off headed for the cancer center. Whispful thoughts wafted through my mind, as the beautiful waves of mystical fluff tumbled over mountaintops.  However, the dream of fairies and fantasies was abruptly invaded by a violent bang rumbling through the floor of the plane.  All 206 bones of which I occupy were brought to attention. 

I turned to my pilot and said. “I think we just hit Gabriel.”

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