Sometimes it Rains

Sometimes my 100% is only 20%.

The good news is, I get a reboot every 24 hours.




Polyester – Mom’s Hero

When we make fun of those vintage polyester dresses and leisure suits, just a reminder that before polyester came out as wash-and-wear, it was the woman’s responsibility to iron every article of clothing in the house, including the sheets.



As I walked to my car yesterday I was cheered by a beautiful language I recognized but did not understand. On a tiny island in a sea of asphalt was a tree hosting a very persistent black bird.

I set my bag down, pausing to enjoy at least 25 different phrases in all variations calling out in a fast-paced spectrum of emotions. We had a little dialogue as he would answer back my attempts at mimicking his sounds.

Does he sing to you like that all day?  I asked the man working under the shade of the tree.  “What?” he said as he pulled his headset from his ears.