Smashed and Dash

Why is it that you find the smashed peanut butter inside the lining of your leather go-to everything jacket when you are all packed, bags in hand, on your way out of town?

smashed peanut butter


The de-roar

Did you know a motorcycle is mentioned in the bible?  Well, it isn’t.

Someone on the internet said, “The roar of David’s Triumph was heard across the land,” was in the bible.  I thought it was cute so I posted it, but did a search to learn that it’s  fake news.  The lesson I learned, is it’s better to read the bible than read what someone says about the bible.

triumph-1914420_1280 e



Bringing Back the Past

It’s the closest thing to a time machine.

Drumming and telling my favorite stories of Anasazi Valley at the Seasons Healthcare and Rehab Center. I said to them: “Come on into the little house, drum with me and I’ll sing you some songs, tell you about my friends, my embarrassing times and how they taught me to take down the walls that isolated me from the joy of living.”
Bringing back the good ole’ days through storytelling.  It’s the closest thing to a time machine.
AC Nov14.2019


My friend of 20 yrs is dying. We talked about it, we joked about it and together we faced the reality of it, but now its happening.

As the morning sky beams through my window, my mind wonders.  I think, today could be her last day, and my mind wonders some more.

I feel as if I am standing on the shore watching a ship slowly sail away.


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