Who’s There?

Entertaining myself on the flight home imagining what kind of alien creatures are hanging around the atmosphere that would scratch up the outside of a window like this.


Scratched Window.Cancer Trip...


Valentine Spy

Born on the day of love with a Valentine birthday, has its perks, but its one of my favorite days for an entirely different reason and that’s because I am a Valentine spy.

I lurk around the floral sections of  local supermarkets and wait for men.  I watch them as they awkwardly drift among the displays with the unachievable mission: to find a bouquet of flowers that represents appreciation for decades of devoted companionship, teamwork, and being his overall superwoman.  Every man in that flower shop has only one thing on his mind…


and that is, his woman and the hopes that she will know how much he loves her.

I’m not really a stalker, but I really do like the floral department on Valentine’s day.


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