Cats: More or Less

I told my autistic son, Denver, that we would be helping out a pregnant cat so her kittens wouldn’t grow up wild and get her surgery so she wouldn’t have any more kittens.

He looked at me and said, “They should teach cats how to wear condoms.”


Black Porch Kitty June 2020



The Untold Marble Mystery

Who is he?

I found a marble in my garden today.  It had been buried in the soil so long, the elements had carved pore-like craters across the surface.

As I rolled it around my palm I imagined a little boy dumping out his bag of marbles onto the dirt, spending an afternoon inventing games to entertain himself.  Did he spend all day looking for his lost marble or did he even notice that it was gone?  I remember counting up my collection of jacks and pick-up sticks, so I think he counted his too but by then, it had buried itself somewhere out of range.

By now the lost marble has been forgotten and that little boy has grown up and carried on with life.  Who is he?  What is he doing now?  The mystery of that untold story will never unfold.  I think I’ll store it under the flowers, and pass it along to the next young marble collector to find it.

marble in the garden

Going Out

sounded like gunshot

On my way to a drum group grabbing my over-chllled drink out of the freezer which is all it needed to explode across the kitchen walls and into the little grooves of my clock.  Before getting out the paper towels, I sent out a quick text to my neighbors upstairs to assure them it was not gunshot. Then one delay after another including spilling out my compost receptacle across the kitchen floor.  Nearly an hour later  I’m out the door again. “Bye kids.”

No car keys.  Back to the house looking and re-looking in all those crazy places. It took me 45 minutes to find them in my drum case.

I got to the park in time to help my friends pack up their instruments to go home.  Its obviously been a long time since I’ve been out.   Will try again.

June 8_2020.

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