Polite vs Practical

“Please don’t use your earphones when around others. It’s not polite, and what if I wanted to ask you what you’d like for dinner?”

My son’s reply, “Could you text me?”


Being the Change

In response to the current toxic face book takeover of what used to be my daily mindless break of  funny cartoons, family snaps, lovers’ travels and what-I-had-for-dinner posts;  starting today, I have decided to take immediate action.

To be the change I want to see, courtesy of Momma Mia, my foster kitty, I will be taking it back by flooding my pages with kitten pictures.  If this gets to be too much cuteness, feel free to ignore and scroll on.

Since there are 5 black kittens and 2 white ones,  to avoid any misunderstanding, 71.43% of the pictures posted will be of black kittens and 28.57% of the pictures will be of white kittens.








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