First Day of School

1ST day of school



Kindess Smiles over the Years


Thank you for taking care of my little children when I was sick.” I said last night to a friend I hadn’t talked to in years. “I have always appreciated what you did for me at a time when I was so vulnerable so many years ago.”

“That’s okay,” Anita said, “If we didn’t have needs, we wouldn’t need friends.”

Anne Carlson


On the train

Let us talk about making things a little lighter, seeing things a little clearer and explore the joy that brings us strength. This will be a forum for me to say what I wish someone would had have told me as I face the challenges on our homeland we call planet earth.

Sometimes it just isn’t as fun to laugh by yourself so I invite you to enjoy with me the funny things that come my way.  Walk with me as I also explore the imperfection of my own humanity.


Anne Carlson


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