Intense if Care

IMG_20200113_122549_6My failure to return calls and texts has not been with ill intent,  as 45 minutes before the turn of the new decade, I joined the club of grief and regret by drowning my beloved HTC in the toilet.
Our faithful companionship of 7 years has come to an end.  I remain forever grateful for devoting all of her power to many rewarding hours of conversation.
Attempts to revive, have so far been unsuccessful. She rests comfortably on a bed of rice in her dehydration chamber, surrounded by her only devoted friend and caretaker, who is sad to report, as of yet, there has been no life signs.
Sadly, it appears a sim-card transplant is the only option. A suitable donor, has been researched and a Galaxy A50 has been found to be acceptable candidate.
Talk to you soon.

Bringing Back the Past

It’s the closest thing to a time machine.

Drumming and telling my favorite stories of Anasazi Valley at the Seasons Healthcare and Rehab Center. I said to them: “Come on into the little house, drum with me and I’ll sing you some songs, tell you about my friends, my embarrassing times and how they taught me to take down the walls that isolated me from the joy of living.”
Bringing back the good ole’ days through storytelling.  It’s the closest thing to a time machine.
AC Nov14.2019