and no place to … whoops

After my appointment I felt good, had some energy and just wasn’t ready to go home.  Truthfully, I was longing for some company and didn’t want to face an empty house. I couldn’t think of any errands to do so I lollygagged around the grocery store, then sadly headed for home.

Driving up the steep hill to my driveway it hit me.  I had planned a lunch date and all that time I was moping around, she was waiting for me to call so we could go out to lunch.


Chemo Brain Shame

It’s not my fault I don’t always remember your name, though we’ve been friends for years.

It’s not my fault I sometimes do things that appear foolish.

It’s not my fault I forget plans we talked about yesterday.

It’s not my fault

but it sure feels like it sometimes.

That’s the chemo brain shame.

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