and no place to … whoops

Ever just don’t want to go home? So I lollygagged around the grocery store, then remorsefully pulled into my driveway only to remember I was late for a lunch date.



Chemo Brain Shame

It’s not my fault I don’t always remember your name, though we’ve been friends for years.

It’s not my fault I sometimes do things that appear foolish.

It’s not my fault I forget plans we talked about yesterday.

It’s not my fault

but it sure feels like it sometimes.

That’s the chemo brain shame.

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Christmas Tricksters

imp-1124072_1920The trickster elves have come to my house once again.  This year, they have taken my Christmas socks, my ornaments, my Christmas sweater and my favorite Christmas music.  That’s okay because I know they will be promptly returned the day after Christmas to that very safe place where left them last.