Y I didn’t call U back

No phone until tomorrow afternoon when I pick it up from where I left it last.


I’ll take my problems, please

I’m okay with mine.


My friend took her neighbor to a seminar full of seniors all facing dementia.  The exercises were less than dignified. The prognosis glum.  They haven’t really found much to  slow it down.

My heart is full of compassion.  I’m not here to question why who gets what.  Life gives us all challenges.

I’m okay with mine.

– Anne Carlson –



How to Send Flowers to Heaven

Buy something you think I would like and take them to someone whose heart is troubled.

flower-3305623_376If you ever want to put flowers on my grave, buy something you think I would like.  Take them to someone whose heart is troubled, such as someone in a shelter or someone in a care center that doesn’t get visitors.

I would really appreciate that.

–  Anne Carlson  –


What do they have that I don’t?


What do they have that I don’t?  Is courage really forcing yourself off the ledge willy nilly?  Why are some people not so threatened by risk?

I took inventory of those people in my life and discovered a common thread.  They are not as afraid to look foolish when trying something new.

Courage begins with the confidence to fail with dignity.

~Anne Carlson~





Forgetting to Remember

This chemo-brain forgetfulness is getting to me.


Me:     I forgot and took 2 doses at the same time.  Is this a problem?

Doc:    It’s okay, but you might want to think about getting one of those  pill boxes, one for each day of the week.

Me:   I got one, but I forgot what day it was.

~Anne Carlson~