The Same Heart

but what I do know is…



Finding dignity with my 87 year old Aunt Grace.  She was moved to the memory unit this year.  I spoke to her yesterday.

“I don’t know how old I am,” she said, “and I’m not real sure how I got here, but what I do know is, that it’s the same heart that beats inside me.”

~Anne Carlson~

Who Left the Stove on?

Chemo brain, where does it stop?

2018.1.21st new-brighton-1239724_640I did.  “Just don’t leave the kitchen when the stove is on.” my friend says.


Embarrassed, humiliated and defensive, Practical Self tells Emotional Self, “From now on,  be more careful so it won’t happen again.”  But I know it could.

“Why does this bother you?” Practical Self speaks, “cancer does not define you. It’s chemo-brain.”  Emotional Self is not consoled.  Like a television, my mind wonders to the place that protects those people that leave the stove on.

These days they call it the memory unit; those days, they called it the psych unit.  Will I be that naked lady with the Albert Einstein hairdo meandering the halls searching for Elvis?   Ouch.

The stove is off …  at least for now.


~Anne Carlson~