Let Go

Holding on to what has been, obstructs the potential for what might be.



Is there ever a right time?


A native friend of mine, years ago, stepped into the house and said, ” Today is a good day to die.”  I had never heard this common expression spoken among native warriors before.

Reflecting on the death of a friend whose body had worn down, dare I ask, is there ever a good day to leave?   Why not?  Does it have to be awful always? Can I resist the dark cloud of depression and let you go in love and respect. Can that be okay?

Can there ever be a day that is  the right time?

I wonder.

– Anne Carlson –




Maybe I am , Maybe I’m Not

A friend of mine died today.

railroad-1701738_960_720A friend of mine died today.  I’m okay.  Maybe I’m not okay.

I’d like to be alone. Now maybe I’d like some company. Maybe not a lot of company just a little. I don’t know how little.

Maybe I should call someone. No I can’t handle talking about that now. I can’t believe you said that. I can’t believe I said that. Maybe I should get off the phone.

Maybe I should wander through a store, in search for that perfect item to get my mind off things.  I can’t handle being around happy people, don’t they know someone just died today?  I better go home.

Thank you for saying you’re there for me.  Can you just figure out what I need and bring it over?

A friend of mine died today.

–  Anne Carlson  –


Even though I have terminal cancer, its okay to tell me that someone we know died.

teddy-1361397_960_720I’ve noticed a pattern.  When someone dies particularly of cancer, people hesitate to tell me.  Having a terminal diagnosis is something I live with. I’m done being uncomfortable with it.  So it’s okay to tell me that someone we know died.

Its an inevitable thing

for all of us.

-Anne Carlson-