open to the possibilty



“You are a genius if you can solve this…”

Such things draw me in so I can solve that puzzle and prove that I am a genius.

Secretly that is, I’d never actually admit that.


who was flirting with me

cell-phone-1245663_1920.. Babe

Standing in line for a bite to eat I heard a friendly voice behind me call out, “Hey babe!”  I spun around with an expectant look on my face to see who was flirting with me, only to realize it was a younger man talking on the phone to his wife

How embarrassing.

Maybe I should just be grateful that I am still so optimistic.


a violent bang rumbling through the floor of the plane

sky-3147857_1920 I think we just hit an angel

“The flight could get a little rough,”I heard through my headphones, preparing for take-off headed for the cancer center. Whispful thoughts wafted through my mind, as the beautiful waves of mystical fluff tumbled over mountaintops.  However, the dream of fairies and fantasies was abruptly invaded by a violent bang rumbling through the floor of the plane.  All 206 bones of which I occupy were brought to attention. 

I turned to my pilot and said. “I think we just hit Gabriel.”

Through Her Eyes

do you miss not being able to see it?


“Moving into your dream house, do you miss not being able to see it?”  I asked a friend who has lost most of his sight.

“It’s okay,” he said. “My wife describes it for me so I see it through her eyes.  If I saw it through my own eyes I don’t think it would be half as beautiful.”

–  Anne Carlson  –