The Faith of Courage



Where I am, requires more of me than where I’ve been.

Where I’ve been, gives me what I need  for where I am going.

Humming bird green


You are me, and I am You

so many things

A very frail woman surrounded by a loving team, gently lifted her into the hyperbaric oxygen chamber in the clinic yesterday.

I saw my husband, the day he passed away.

I saw the possible me, in the future.

I felt me, as a caregiver.

I felt me, as a health professional.

I felt the everything, about so many things.

I reached out to her,  and made a friend.

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who was flirting with me

cell-phone-1245663_1920.. Babe

Standing in line for a bite to eat I heard a friendly voice behind me call out, “Hey babe!”  I spun around with an expectant look on my face to see who was flirting with me, only to realize it was a younger man talking on the phone to his wife

How embarrassing.

Maybe I should just be grateful that I am still so optimistic.