Hospice: The Body is Ready, but the Mind is not.

This is taking way more courage that I wish it did. ,,, I’m in process.

I never had much regard for those that locked themselves in a fortress of their own fake world, refusing to face reality. but ah… Didn’t someone say the things you see in other people are the things that bug you most about yourself?

When there’s nothing left in that pot except reality, the fantasy, the pretending, the wishful thinking have boiled away, I feel like going to hospice is giving my consent to die.

This is taking way more courage that I wish it did. Its a decision I make alone. I’m in process.



who was flirting with me

cell-phone-1245663_1920.. Babe

Standing in line for a bite to eat I heard a friendly voice behind me call out, “Hey babe!”  I spun around with an expectant look on my face to see who was flirting with me, only to realize it was a younger man talking on the phone to his wife

How embarrassing.

Maybe I should just be grateful that I am still so optimistic.

Birth the passion

value reset

person holding a green plant
Photo by Akil Mazumder on Pexels.com

Prosecute the jury, burn the script, reclaim your soul from the emotional dictatorship you sold it to; birth the passion from within and build a value system based on your inner gyroscope. 

This was my answer when someone asked me what advice I would give to someone who feels worthless.

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